Hells Angels by Bill Ray

LIFE photographer Bill Ray spent some time with the motorcycle gang Hells Angels in 1965. During his time with them, he was able to take amazing snapshots of the lives of the gang members.

Photo © Bill Ray via LIFE

“When we do right, nobody remembers. When we do wrong, nobody forgets.”Hells Angels

The motto of the Hells Angels encapsulates how society sees them. Hells Angels is a motorcycle gang associated with organized crime. They are famous for riding their Harley-Davidson motorcycles and wearing cut offs with the Hells Angels insignia. In 1965, LIFE photographer Bill Ray, and writer Joe Bride spent weeks with the notorious gang. However, the photos weren’t published on the magazine since majority the readers of LIFE magazine might not be too keen on seeing how these men lived.

Bill Ray recalls the time that he spent with the gang and even said that he got along well with them, even having fondness for some of the members. At first, the Angels seemed scary but as he spent time with them, he got a glimpse of what life like was for the Hells Angels. These men had no jobs and would spend days riding their motorcycles and visiting bars. Several weeks with the Hells Angels is enough to see how their daily routine. Bill Ray was able to capture these moments through his photos.

Here are some photos of the Hells Angels by Bill Ray:

Photos © Bill Ray via LIFE

Information for this article was taken from LIFE, and Lost at E Minor.

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