Revisit the Moon in Color with Georges Méliès

French electronica band ‘Air’ has a new album. Let’s see if you’ll recognize the title… ‘Le Voyage Dans La Lune’! We gave you a huge hint in the title, the gutsy album and all featured tracks are, in their entirety, in complement to the 1902 silent film. Watch the 15 minute, restored film after the jump, along to the haunting track by Air!

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The track you hear playing above is the title track, appropriately named ‘Le voyage dans la lune’. Other songs on the album are Astronomic Club, Moon Fever, Sonic Armada, and Cosmic Trip. The album was released earlier this month, the distinguishable album cover as seen below.

Image via AIR

The music ebbs and flows, through milky galaxies of musical traditions from ages past and present. The score by Air begins with a gradual fade-in, with a timpani heard as you would in original silent film scores. What a fantastic twist, towards the end, at around 10 minutes, when the gaggle of astronomers disembark from the capsule. The music takes a turn, the beat is more steady, is more sure of itself, and is a perfect release, from the staggered beginning. It serves to narrate the progression of the film, and arrival at the destination that’s fascinating because it’s new, and bizarre because it’s so different.

It’s interesting to note that although both Meiles and music duo Air are French and from Paris, the music and original movie were both composed sans lyrics and title cards and are thus understandable by all, devoid of language and age, after all everyone alive today has lived or learned about the age of the Space Race.

Information for this article was taken from the BBC.

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