LOMO LC-A Birthday Blowout: Buy a LC-A+ & get 50% Off the LC-A+ Wide Angle Lens!


Save big on these deals! The LC-A Wide Angle Lens at half price? Act fast as this offer will disappear in a short while!

120 Degrees of Panoramic Satisfaction – 25-50% off!

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you – It’s just the potentially amazing perspective 50% off the LC-A+ Wide Angle Lens puts on things! Now that we’ve got your attention, here’s how you could snag one for yourself and save a whopper when you purchase a LOMO LC-A+ camera today. The LC-A+ Wide Angle Lens transforms your standard 32mm view into a stunning extra wide 20mm field of view encompassing 120 degrees of vision. If you needed further convincing, scroll down to see just how wide and wonderful your LC-A photos can be! Act hastily, as this special offer only lasts until 30th June 2009!

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Get it here: LOMO LC-A+ products

The LC-A 25th Anniversary Celebratory Year!

This one-time only offer is part of our 25 year celebrations for the LOMO LC-A, the Soviet analogue camera responsible for the entire Lomographic movement. From that point the LOMO LC-A camera quickly sashayed its way into cult standing.

So we’re throwing a year-long celebration! We’re sponsoring parties, competitions and other extraordinary festivities to honor this compact automat wonder! We have even launched a microsite devoted to all LOMO LC-A events and competitions going on – so you won’t miss even a wink!

Visit: LOMO LC-A 25th Anniversary microsite
Get it here: LOMO LC-A+ products
Read: the LOMO LC-A’s History

LC-A Wide Angle Lens 50% or 25% off? Details, please!

By ordering the LOMO LC-A+ today, this wide-angle beauty becomes automatically available to you with a massive 50% discount. With the ultimate pairing of the LOMO LC-A+ and the LC-A+ Wide Angle Lens, it couldn’t be easier to achieve mind-blowing shots that those digital counterparts can’t achieve. If you’re already the proud owner of a LOMO LC-A+ you can pick up the LC-A+ Wide Angle Lens as a single purchase with a 25% discount!


Forget having to edge right to the back of the room to squeeze all your friends into frame – this lens is wide enough to fit a whole crowd of people!

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With the LC-A+ Wide Angle Lens, get the same vivid colors, saturation and intense vignettes you’ve come to love with the LOMO LC-A+ with an extremely gratifying wide-angle perspective.

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As ‘the more the merrier’ quote implies, sometimes it gets pretty interesting if you put a lot of things in one frame – double for this instance!

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Bring the LOMO LC-A+ and the LC-A+ Wide Angle Lens to your zany ‘all-night-long’ luaus and experience a wide-angled light show!

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Got an LC-A+ already? Get FREE Redscale Film with our update packages

Early owners of the LOMO LC-A+ need not fret, as we are also giving you this special opportunity to upgrade your arsenal of top-notch LC-A+ accessories at insanely low prices! Not enough incentive? We’re also throwing out a whopping 9-pack of the groundbreaking Lomography Redscale film absolutely FREE with your order of any of the update packages!

Get it here: Lomography Redscale Film


Get Ready to Party with the LC-A+!

The merrier the celebration the more we slash our prices – with the 25th anniversary just around the corner we have a hoard of events coming up! Celebrate the 25th Anniversary in each of our gallery stores: New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Seoul, Tokyo, Bangkok!

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Happy to see that my Redscale wide angle LCA shot (I caled it "don't jump!" ;)) appears twice here... but it's not a double exposure... ;)))

  2. lomodirk
    lomodirk ·

    Wow, great, just placed my order :)

  3. jrjw
    jrjw ·

    hey, that's two of my photos in this newsletter! no piggies..?!

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