Love, love, love: A Proposal Spot in a Public Park

Guys! Finding the right place to propose can be like hunting for a needle in a haystack. And when you’re living in a land-scarce country like Singapore, imagination is often your only ally. Read on for a really cheesy idea.

In Singapore, applying for a government Housing Development Board (HDB) flat is a locally accepted way of announcing your intention to get married

While buying a home is a big step for anyone, and perhaps, a very practical sign of commitment in a relationship, it’s really unromantic to pop the question to your girlfriend by asking, “Want to apply for an HDB flat?” Yes, HDB flats are perhaps the most affordable form of housing in Singapore and 80 percent of Singaporeans live in them, but you got to think bigger to seal the deal!

This is a really old block of HDB flats.

So here’s an idea, consider proposing in a public park/playground within a high-end residential area.

Paint her a picture of how you will love, honor, and cherish her for the rest of your life. Tell her how you will buy a huge house for her, where she can have a whole room for her shoes, or maybe her lomo cameras.

Tell her that it will be her playground too.

Tell her about the kids that you’re going to have with her and how cute they will be if they look like her. (Warning:This may scare the living daylights out of her!)

Tell her about the pets that you will adopt as part of your family. (Warning:You should know by now if she is fond of animals.)

Tell her that you’ll clean up after her. (You’ll pick up brownie points here!)

Then finally, go down on bended knees and tell her that you’ll be happy to grow old with her and spend days like this at the park with her. And pop the question! (But please, not “So want to apply for a HDB flat?”)

Disclaimer: I really hope you had a good laugh as this idea is a work of fiction and for entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance or similarities are purely coincidental. Furthermore, there are no guarantees that this approach will work for you. Good luck!

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