Spotted: Analogue Cameras in Elton John's Music Video

I was watching VH1 last night and Elton John’s “Your Song” Music Video started playing. What immediately caught my attention is that it is full of analogue cameras! Lots of them! Can you name which cameras are featured in the video?

I love 80’s music so when I’m watching a music channel I mostly watch VH1 Classic because they always play loads of 80’s songs. Last night I was watching VH1 Classic as usual and Elton John’s 1970 song “Your Song” came up. I only like about 2 or 3 Elton John songs and this is one of them but I had never seen the video. What I noticed that made me really like it is that it features a lot of analogue cameras throughout the whole duration of the video!

Can you name them all or any of them? (if so leave a comment!)

✘ Youtube:

I really like the artist Ellie Goulding and she also has a cover of Elton John’s “Your Song”. The cool thing about her video for her cover version is that some parts of it were shot in a way that was made to resemble the look of Super 8 home videos, and you can spot the camera at some point in the video, so her video also features analogue cameras! Maybe she can shoot her next video using a LomoKino! That would be cool :) Anyway, check it out:

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