An Enchanted Engagement Session


Most amusement park rides were created so two people can sit next to each other, therefore, making it a perfect place for lovers to enjoy moments together. But, what if we also turn it into a giant location for a prenuptial shoot?

Enchanted Kingdom is a theme park almost 68 kilometers away from Manila that has more than 25 rides and attractions. Ferris wheel, carousel, and roller coaster are some of the things that come to our minds when we hear the term amusement park. But for this article, we are featuring it as an engagement session haven.

Welcoming you as you enter the amusement park is Eldar The Wizard, the official mascot of Enchanted Kingdom.

There are vintage-looking sites that can be used as site for pictorials.

Just a few meters away, you’ll see another possible background.

The Swan Lake is a nice ride if you want the future husband and wife to enjoy a relaxing pictorial while they can have a little chit-chat. Or maybe try the Jungle Log Jam if they prefer to get a little wet.

But the best two attractions to use as backgrounds are:

The Ferris Wheel
And the Space Shuttle

Enchanted Kingdom is a big amusement park with plenty of attractions and rides, you can enjoy the prenup pictorial more if you will try riding some.

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  1. pomps
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    so original place for an engagement session!

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