Fun Under the Sun at Ipanema

Ipanema Beach and Feira Hippie are nice places to spend a lazy Sunday in Rio de Janeiro with your camera and ISO 100 film! Me and my Super Sampler said “good bye” to the Ipanema Lomography Store with a Rolé Lomográfico.

I live in Rio, a huge and amazing city with so much to do and so much to see, but one of my favorite places is definitely Ipanema. I like the landscapes, the feeling, the restaurants and pubs… I also love the Lomography Pop Up Store there that closes tomorrow. But it’s not all bad: a Gallery Store will soon be open in Copacabana.

This summer, the Ipanema store promoted some amazing events and I decided to take part in one of them – the Rolé Lomográfico or “Lomographic Short Stroll”. It works like that: you have to pay a fee and leave a document at the store and they will lend you a camera for two hours. I’ve got a La Sardina, so I decided to try something new and exciting on my “Rolé”. I chose the Super Sampler, my first experience with any multi-lens camera. And there we went, me, the Super Sampler, and some friends on the last Sunday of the Ipanema Pop Up Store.

I walked on the beach, tried to take pictures of flying birds, and a passing airplane but had some trouble because I wasn’t familiar with the camera I was using. In spite of that, the results were pretty cool!

At the Praça General Osorio is where the Feira Hippie de Ipanema takes place, a fair with lots of interesting crafts, specially for tourists. Rio de Janeiro t-shirts, key chains, and fridge magnets, many fashion accessories, curious things, like the colorful mirror, and the wooden parrots that you can see in the photos bellow. It’s a fun place to visit, shop, and also shoot!

The square also has a kids’ playground where I just had to play with my friends…haha – and the swing ended up making some awesome photos.

I think Rio is a great place for photos, the sun is very bright and makes everything more colorful and lively. But don’t forget your ISO 100 films! :)

written by fernanda-breder on 2012-03-09 #places #fair #sun #swing #location #beach #super-sampler #local-flavor #palmtrees #select-type-of-location


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