The Masks of Venice Carnival on Como Lake!


Last year, a local association of artists made a performance of the famous Venice Carnival in Como, a town situated at the north of Italy near the Swiss border. A great work of art and culture, a great opportunity to photograph with my Zorki 5 and its unique retracting lens Industar 22!

I love the masks of the Carnival of Venice, because they are very different from other carnival masks. If you look carefully, you can see that the expression of the faces contain a hint of sadness. Very strange for a carnival, but very interesting!

For more information about the “true” Carnival of Venice you can take a look at its official website but if you are interested in the carnival performance by the local artists in Como you can get more information here

This year there will be another great performance by these artists!

To take these photos I used my Zorki 5 rangefinder camera (very similar to the Fed 2, same time selector but with a brighter viewfinder – and with a more complicated load procedure. You must trim the first part of the film to load it inside the camera; like the procedure used for the famous Leica II and III cameras!). This link is great for learning the correct way to load this camera (and the Zorki 1 also)!

My preferred lens for a cloudy day is the Industar 22, a Tessar scheme (four lenses in three groups, very similar to the famous Leica Elmar 50/3,5 – but a little different, the position of the blades of the diaphragm are different!) with great microcontrast. I always use an Ilford HP5+ as “general purpose” film, and I develop this film in Microphen (stock, to minimize the grain, and to obtain great quality even in push processing). This film is great in the range 200 – 1000 ISO; still usable and printable at 1600 ISO.

In this case I used this film at the nominal value of 400 ISO.

Why do I love black-and-white photos even for the carnival? Because we can add colors to the images with our fantasy! Enjoy!

Note: to avoid focusing errors when you use the collapsible lenses like the Industar 22, Industar 50, Fed 50/3,5 or Elmar 50/3,5 you must lock the lens in a way similar to the one used on a La Sardina camera: pull the lens, and rotate to lock it!

The Zorki 1 was originally designed as a copy of the Leica II. This 35mm rangefinder is created by KMZ, the Russian factory famous for its excellent optics, which guarantees spectacular shots every single time. Get your hands on this piece of photographic history here.

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    stunning pictures!

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    great photos..

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