Ice Skating On The Amsterdam Canals


Frozen canals in Amsterdam are very very rare. But when it happens the Amsterdam crowd go enjoy it to the max. How? Read on and find out for yourself!

Credits: mrmaart, fritssi & lomographybenelux

After a few freezing cold days mother nature finally managed to transform some of the major Amsterdam canals into dark black ice. All ready for a true blue Dutch tradition – ice skating!

We obviously grabbed our chance to sneak out of the office during lunchtime to ride the Prinsengracht on ice skates. Armed with a few cameras including the LomoKino, to shoot some great pics on the Prinsengracht with the Westerkerk on the background.

Including a cool icy super movie

De Pulitzer Hotel provided some nice warm chocolatemilk and soup for free – a real ‘koek & zoopie" is how we call it in Holland. The local tourists didn’t understand that they could actually get FREE drinks + soup, so after some shooting of “we have free pee-soup” they finally came closer to consume some as well. While we were making some hilarious jokes saying: yes, free hot pee soep. Just peed in it.". Hehe.

Credits: lomographybenelux, mrmaart & fritssi

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translated by mrmaart

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    So picturesque!

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