Zombie Mixed Media Illustrations to Turn Your Head

Australian illustrator and comic book artist, Ashley Wood is known for his art books, and contributions to numerous magazines,video games, and television shows. He’s also a designer of toy figurines! We’re impressed by his style and the strong imagery his paintings give and invite you to check them out after the jump!

Image via Ashley Wood

From dead soldier zombies to scantily-clad, parlor white, females, this artist has chosen interesting subjects, that’s for sure! Wood’s technique involves combining traditional painting techniques, digital photography, and graphic software! One can’t help notice however that his style – particularly in the below piece of the reclining female in her petticoat, is impressionistic as well as reminiscent of the movement’s heyday, in the 19th century.

Image via Ashley Wood

Below are some more of his strong images, composed of mainly cool colors. Besides evoking the sentiment brought about by an art movement of the last century, Wood’s works in popular images and icons of the modern age. Let’s play ‘I spy’… can you find the deception of a famous, boy robot with the telltale hairdo?

Images via Ashley Wood

There’s talk, as stated recently on Lost At E Minor, as well as on Wood’s blog, that a new set of prints are soon to be available!

This article was inspired by the Lost At E Minor piece.

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