Best LomoKino Videos of the Week: 6-10 February 2012

Looking for something different of a view to see? You’re just in luck this time because we have here a couple of movies that will surely make your boredom go away!

You wake up from the bed with the nagging sound of the alarm clock, take a shower, get something to wear from your neatly pressed selections of shirts, fix your hair and quickly dash outside to catch the early morning train and you’ll be in front of your work desk afterwards. If this is something of a routine you’d normally do where each day is a monotonous struggle, well, you must be living your life as a boring adult.

Sure it’s a hard knock life out there, isn’t it? But have you ever asked yourself what’s the point of all these things you’re doing? It must be very difficult to find a proper answer for this query, though. For now, let’s try not to stress ourselves further from it and instead enjoy these LomoKino movies specially picked for this week that will surely have you giggling like that of a playful child!

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