To the Farm for a Date

Our favorite little spot for a date that doesn’t mean just sitting at a table staring into each others eyes, is Cannon Hall Farm. We can feed the animals and generally have a laugh when a llama sneezes onto your significant other’s face.

We like to go to different places for our dates and recently the place of choice has been Cannon Hall Farm, basically they have an open farm that you pay a few pounds to go in and buy a bag of feeds and off you go for a couple of hours. Go through the week if you can, the weekends can be mental and filled with young children.

Hungry moo cow!

You can feed almost all the animals, but they don’t recommend the piggies as they can bite (apparently), but I haven’t lost any fingers yet.

Aww…cute piglets, we wanted to take one home but thought that our kitten and piggy wouldn’t be friends, even though it may be fun for a kitten to have a piggy for a boyfriend though.

The goats were our favorite, they happily ate out of our hands but also tried to eat your sleeve, your scarf, your coat, and anything else that they could get there mouths round.

The llama that sneezed all over my significant other – you can’t have a date without being sneezed on by a llama and falling about laughing hysterically for a good 10 minutes. While you try and reenact the llama’s sneeze.

Oh and this is us posing next to a funky-looking tree. (Taking photos together is not our strong point.) We had a good time though and no doubt we’ll go back in a few weeks when the lambs have been born.

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