Doubles with You!


Time to do that tag-team duo and shoot doubles – as Lomographic fame awaits!

Doing doubles are a ton of fun! You could learn about new things, get creative on what kind of pictures to shoot as well as meet new friends. You could even gain new fans from our community by doing so!

So how does this work? All you have to to is to visit your favorite Lomographer’s LomoHome and leave a message, or call for a doubles collaboration in our shoutbox or anywhere else in the site you deem fit! There’s a lot of eager beavers who’d like to do Doubles with you from all over the world – it’s a global analogue phenomenon you don’t want to miss! Finish a roll of film, send it via courier – the other guy takes shots from the same roll, scans the photos and ta-da!

We recently had a unique Redscale doubles with our own Lucas as well as community veteran vicuna – leading to pretty impressive results in those coveted tones of reds, yellows and oranges!

Want your doubles collaboration to be featured? Submit your best double collaboration to the blog – include at least 10 photos, a short text about who took the pictures, where the pictures were taken, and with which camera/film combination.

Check out doubles by vicuna and lucasjakobsson

written by kazarareta on 2009-06-12 #news #film #doubles #double-exposure #friends


  1. stun-pike
    stun-pike ·

    Sounds pretty awesome, good job LOMO

  2. odjur
    odjur ·

    I still don't understand how to get the film out of the canister after rewinding :c Would love to do doubles though!

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