LomoKino: The SUPER 35mm Movie Camera


When I was young, I remember digging out a roll of an 8mm film from my grandpa’s drawer. Back then, I knew it was a movie film, because I went through every single frame of the film and I noticed changes of movement in the pictures. But I do not know what made it happen.

Photo via Lomography Shop

To be honest to everyone, I was always wondering and wanted to own an analogue video camera which has a winder at the side of camera.

I often watched discovery channel and magazines about how people used to make a movie using film back in time when digital camera was invented. And I wondered, what would I do with it if I would ever have one in my hand?

So, now I am glad I am involved in Lomography, which finally launched such an amazing product, the LomoKino. It was hard to explain my feeling when I saw it launched the first day. I ordered it as soon as the the nearest lomo-shop here said they want to make a pre-order.

Eventually, I got it in my hand—it was as cute as I thought, and firm as I wondered. The first thing I did, as with every Lomography product I bought, I smelled the camera. I like how the LomoKino was designed: the overall of the camera is small and easy to bring around, the view finder is really impressive as it pops up, the winder is retractable, and the analogue classical “CLICKING” sound, which is my favorite.

There are many nice things about the LomoKino camera, such as being allowed to focus! What’s more attractive to me is the film meter! That’s really nice! One more awesome thing: it’s 35mm film compatible!!!

Okay, now let’s talk about the results that this analogue movie camera can do. I didn’t expect much about how it would look like, I just enjoy bringing it out and showing to my friends. When I started winding my video camera, people somehow stare at me in a different way. Anyway, who cares, this is 2 of my LomoKino results, I love both of them a lot. Before I finished the video editing, I thought 1 roll of film wouldn’t be enough, but after seeing the results, I think short movies have interesting stories inside out.

Hope you enjoy these!

Enter a new analogue dimension with the LomoKino. Lomography’s own 35mm analogue movie camera allows you to capture action and immortalize your story on film! Shoot 144 frames on any 35mm film and create your own cinematic masterpieces. Want to watch your movie the old-school way? We also offer the LomoKino and LomoKinoscope package!

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  1. antoniodezner
    antoniodezner ·

    i really liked the videos! how did you manage to film the rollerblading backwards sequence without the camera bumping a lot? it looks quite good!

  2. weechonghooi
    weechonghooi ·

    Godo question @antoniodezner... but i really have no idea. I guess the main thing is that to have a good rollerblading skill? I just keep winding the LOMOKINO while rollerblading backwards, until my film went empty.. :)

  3. antoniodezner
    antoniodezner ·

    @weechonghooi wow! it looks great!

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