Love, love, love: A Date Spot at the Airport


Singapore’s Changi Airport is one of the best airports in the world – and for good reasons. One of the best reasons I can think of is the number of spots you can go for a date.

Chances are, the airport is not one of the places that immediately comes to mind as a date spot. But it could be, that is, if you’re in Singapore. In fact, this could be one of the better places to share your dreams of adventures with your date, promising her or him, the travels and exotic adventures you will go on together.

There is one particular spot in each of the airport’s three terminals that would make for an interesting date spot. It’s the viewing gallery.

My first choice for a date spot would be Terminal 2’s Changi Aviation Gallery. It’s tucked behind the restaurants and is hidden from public view; so many people would overlook this spot.

It’s spacious, as it should be, given that it’s a viewing gallery.

However, as all viewing galleries are family-friendly places, don’t expect any privacy there.

But during the weekdays, it’s a fairly quiet place. In fact, it’s so quiet and peaceful that you can catch forty winks.

Changi Terminal 3’s Aviation Gallery, on the other hand, is more open and easier to access than Terminal 2’s viewing mall.

Yet, still another nice place for a siesta.

But seriously, you shouldn’t let them bother you as they’re often quietly resting. Just focus on your date.

And if both spots are taken up, check out Terminal 1, the oldest terminal in Changi Airport. The viewing gallery had a makeover.

The viewing gallery is spacious, clean, but not as romantic as the other two.

Hopefully, you’re a great conversationalist. Else, your date could be breaking this particular rule too.

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  1. clairem
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    If only it wasn't that far from the city :)

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