Love at First Lomo: My One and Only LC-A


Everybody had their very own way of stumbling across the wonderful world of Lomography. Some became interested after hearing their friends talk about how unique lomo pictures are; some browsed through the internet and became instantly addicted the to flamboyant colors created by xpro. Let me share my story with you after the jump.

To be honest the LC-A wasn’t my very first film camera. After the 90’s era , digital cameras conquered the market, pushing film cameras aside. Everybody wants a quick result — they can see the images that they captured beforehand over and over again, and they can then transfer their image at ease. The revolution for myself started around a year and a half ago when I made fun of my friends for still using plastic film cameras. After sometime, I became curious about what made such cameras special, and I threw them a few questions. Luckily, they were still willing to answer.

Credits: analogmonolog

Not so long after, there was somebody who wanted to sell his LC-A. My friends said that it’s a good bargain because the LC-A is one of the best cameras. So, without hesitation, I bought it. I fell in love with the LC-A at the very first moment I touched it. My first roll didn’t turn out to be as good as everybody as but I studied from others’ photos, and made sure I get better and better.

Credits: analogmonolog

I think it’s the best that you load slide film in your LC-A. The LC-A’s lens is best known for creating high contrast image with dark corners. The best thing about LC-A is you don’t need to worry about the lighting condition, except at night when you have to steady yourself to get a nice shot (except if you’re using high ISO film). People my said that the LC-A didn’t have an MX feature. But no, they’re WRONG. It’s possible, with the proper technique. It’s just as easy as that. The frame may not be perfect but it’s pretty accurate and I got few nice MX photos using the said method.

Credits: analogmonolog

Walking down the memory lane, I dare to say that I learned a lot from Lomography. I started out with Vivitar Eco 35h up until I had my very own medium format camera. I met people from all walks of life because of our love towards Lomography and I gained with them. Not to be forgotten that I’m able to capture every important moment in my life using my Lomo cameras.

Credits: analogmonolog

In the end, I still love my LC-A and other new cameras such that the La Sardina, LomoKino or even the LC-Wide cannot lure me away from my one and only LC-A!

What was the first Lomo camera you owned and fell in love with? Share your stories and check out our requested posts for this month to earn more Piggies! Meanwhile, you can check out other Love at First Lomo stories from our community members.

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  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    great photos! I♥LC-A to!

  2. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    LC-A is my best buddy, always and forever :)

  3. life_on_mars
    life_on_mars ·

    together forever) great shots

  4. superkulisap
    superkulisap ·

    Nice shots dude

  5. analogmonolog
    analogmonolog ·

    thanks a lot guys.. hope you'll never leave your LC-A behind

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