Kuala Lumpur has got a beautiful landscape, thanks to the lush greenery that keeps the city fresh and bright. This capital city of Malaysia boasts of numerous parks, which are well-planned and managed by their respective authorities.

Amidst hoards of skyscrapers, the city has maintained a close touch with nature in tandem with parks and gardens. KLCC Park which is located near Petronas Towers in the Kuala Lumpur City Centre. These gardens tender a great place for families and children to chill out.

It’s always been a very busy park. Local and foreigner loves walking around the park and taking picture with the beautiful trade mark of our Kuala Lumpur city’s Twin Tower. The park offers variety facilities, such as a big water fountain, wading pool, patterned footpaths, benches and jogging track. Playground consists of colorful child-safe play equipment which are thoughtfully placed under large shady trees.

The large park is suitable for the whole family, to relax and enjoy the perfect green nature scenery in the centre of a busy city.

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