Hanksy is the Satirical Banksy!

There’s a lot of Banksy inspired street art going around these days, so it seems! Street artist ‘Hanksy’ is named as such because he replicates Banksy’s art in public places but adds something unique to the pieces each time… Tom Hanks’ face! Hence the name Hanks-y. So, check out what this super fan, of both the aforementioned artists, is all about, after the jump!

Dubbed ‘Hanksy’ by the public and through the internet – the platform this American street artist’s work gained worldwide recognition. While not all think of him as a legitimate street artists, some calling him a “bad pun”, we’ll give him some street cred, for providing, with his sense of humor, pieces of art that salute his namesake greats – Banksy and Tom Hanks!

Images via The Awl

His latest project began in April of last year, and is the one hes currently being celebrated for. As a fan of both Tom Hanks and the UK street artist, Banksy, Hanksy decided to take Banksy’s iconic images, such as his ‘Flower Thrower’ and mix Tom Hanks into the works! As you’ll see above, it’s not a bouquet of flowers the spray painted man is aiming to throw, like a shot put, but ‘Wilson’ from the 2000 film Cast Away! And who’s face is that incorporated onto the body of the Banksy original? None other than Tom Hanks!

And, the fateful, first-ever Hanksy piece? The one below!

Images via The Awl

When asked, by The Awl, about whether he was “taking this piss” out of Banksy, Hanksy replied: “I guess I am subverting the subversive. It’s a bit of everything really. Celebrating his work while also softly pointing out how mainstream and accepted street art has become to the general public. But not everything in life is meant to be taken so seriously.”

Some-more images for you to laugh… or roll your eyes, depending on how you see them… at!

Images via Huffington Post

This article was inspired by this Kottke post.

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