Resaturate Your World with Kodak Elitechrome Extra Colour EBX 100


Elite Chrome Extra Colour EBX is a stunning highly-saturated colour slide film from Kodak. Not only do the colours pop vividly but the latitude is extremely impressive with deep blacks and bright shining whites.

Kodak Elitechrome EBX is the boosted version of Kodak’s Elite Chrome 100. Much like Fuji Velvia produces a brighter color range when processed in E6, and so too will EBX. Designed to produce particularly vibrant color reproduction while still retaining integrity of flesh tones; this film is unbelievably beautiful when cross processed in C41.

Credits: slumbrnghok

I’ve shot a bunch of rolls of this now and I am going to buy more because I’ve run out. I found out that the plastic lenses in my Golden Half and Disderi Robot yield really good results with this stock. When I’m shooting with my SLR, it doesn’t seem to have quite the punch.

Credits: slumbrnghok

I would recommend shooting with as much light as possible with this stock. I know that seems to be stating the obvious, but the more light you have, the more hard shadow, and the more this film will improve it. I really like light leaks with this too.

Credits: slumbrnghok

All in all, Elite Chrome Extra Colour EBX is propbably my favourite film. I would use it in any camera at the drop of a hat. This emulsion is far superior when shot outdoors on a sunny than if shot inside with a flash. I’d highly recommend getting some of this. It’s the bomb.

Colour Slide Films give deep saturation and great contrast when normally processed. When cross-processed, expect a huge colour shift that will knock your socks off. See the whole range of films in our Shop.

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  1. slumbrnghok
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    Thank you everone who has been liking this review. I love this film and can't recommend it enough.

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