Cupid: The Roman God of Love

Cupid is one of the symbols that we often see during Valentine’s Day. Do you know his history? Read on to find out.

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Cupid is the Roman God of Love. He is also the son of Venus. He is described as a winged boy with a blindfold who carries a bow and some arrows. It is said that once the person’s heart is struck with Cupid’s arrow, he is bound to fall in love. Cupid is also associated with affection and desire. In some classical Greek artworks, he is portrayed as a lean man in his youth.

Legend has it that Cupid accidentally used his arrow on himself. Cupid’s mother, Venus, ordered his son to shoot an arrow at Psyche, a princess who everyone adored. Venus was jealous of her princess and asked Cupid to shoot the arrow in order to make her fall in love with someone despicable. Cupid sneaked inside Psyche’s room to carry out the plan, but he accidentally cut himself with the arrow. As a result, Cupid fell in love with Psyche.

Today, Cupid is considered as one of the most popular symbols during Valentine’s Day. Below are some photos of Cupid.

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