Living in a Snowapocolypse Wonderland


(To be read in a menacing movie trailer voice) On the second week of December 2010, London (Ontario, Canada) got battered with snow squalls which lasted for over three days dropping almost half the amount of snow in two days that they would get all winter. This is the city you’ve just moved to, and you can’t walk on ice.

When you’re from an area where the closest thing to snow is the one hail storm you get a year, there are some major things that you don’t even think about the pretty white stuff impacting. I’d gotten used to the fact that salt and grit are two of the best things since sliced bread to help you to keep from slipping off the roads and walkways during winter. I also had learnt that a good winter coat and thick shoes are well worth the money. Had never gone through a real ‘snow day’ before though it was hard to know what to expect.

First sign things were getting more serious than ‘how about that snow outside eh?’ ‘Real comin’ down out there hey bud’ was when security came around to the photo studio I was working at in the mall and said that the buses were stopping running in the next hour so the mall would be closing. I still had customers there and knew I needed to be on that last bus or I’d be stranded but them being the kind of people that most Canadians are, they understood and headed home as did I.

Later that night, the university sent out an email saying that it would be closed the following day, something that was a VERY rare occurrence – and it stayed closed for the next three days! The Major would not declare a state of emergency. Most public services were shut down and officials were asking people to stay off the roads to help the snow-plows clean up. It was amazing how quiet it was. When the snow stopped falling and the buses started running I got myself out there and took these photos, some of my faves (below) show a frat house which turned its snowy front yard into a fort!

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    Great winter shots.

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