Analogue Wedding Photographer: Eunice K.


Since a few years back, Eunice K., our local active Lomographer has developed her interest into her occupation: analogue wedding photographer! In conjunction with the Valentine’s Day, she shares with us the romantic moments in wedding photographing and tips for portrait shooting.

Credits: eunicek

Name: Eunice K.
LomoHome: eunicek
Occupation: Wedding Photographer

1. First of all, please tell us a little bit about yourself:

I started to enjoy photographing due to Lomography in 2005, and in year 2009, I became a full-time photographer, mainly focusing in wedding and bridal shooting. Due to my special interest for films, I always use films and Lomography cameras for portrait shoots.

2. How did you come across with Lomography? What do you like most about it?

I saw Lomography with very vibrant colours on the internet and got attracted by its feature on the spot; hence the first Lomography camera — Lomo LC-A was bought, and it’s still the ‘daily-camera-to-use’ until now.

3. You are good at romantic weddings and analogue photography: why did you start this back then?

Besides analogue photography, I like portrait shooting as well! Perhaps I’m a female Lomographer, what I wish the most is to combine the vibrant colours of Lomography with a wedding atmosphere. The wedding guests love the gorgeous colours!

4. What was the most romantic, most unexpected, and most unforgettable shooting (working) experience?

  1. Most romantic: During a wedding ceremony, the bride’s father went up to the stage and presented a love song to his wife – the bride’s mother, together with a bouquet of flowers and kisses!! That made me realized how romantic eternal love is.
  2. Most unexpected: When the bride and groom were on the stage expressing their gratitude towards their parents, siblings and friends, they thanked us at the same time! The kind of satisfaction is irreplaceable of money, and it drives us to work even harder!
  3. Most unforgettable: The first overseas pre-wedding shooting. The whole process went on for two full days, and we just wandered around with the couple and captured their romantic moments together. I feel this is very special.

5. If you were to match the photos here with 3 background musics/songs, what would they be?

6. Heard that you’re a fan of Leopard print clothing, what do you think about the latest Diana Mini Leopard?

Leopard print is always very eye-catching, and very heart-warming. The pinkish design of Diana Mini Leopard is especially lovely!

Diana Mini Leopard

7. If you were to design a whole new range of Lomography cameras , what special features do you wish to have, or what kind of theme would it be?

  1. Self-shooting feature by adding a little mirror by the side of the lens, so people who travel alone can take pictures for themselves as well.
  2. Besides Leopard print, I like Rock Style, Skull and Studs too, hopefully there would be a Lomography camera with some Rock & Roll elements.

8. What are your upcoming plans (personal, working, photography)?

Personally, I hope to learn more about photography, and travel around places. Work-wise, I wish to infuse more Lomography and analogue elements into wedding photography, and to be more creative.

9. Last but not least, do you have any hands-on tips to share with the portrait shooting beginners??

  • Practice makes perfect, along with lots of communications and trials.
  • See more portrait shots from different countries and places because people have different cultures and trends.

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translated by lihooi


  1. elkilla
    elkilla ·

    Nice article!

    I'm also a wedding photographer but I use digital for this type of photography most of the time. I have taken few shots with my Canon F-1 in a couple of weddings and I really liked the results. I'm looking forward to use the F-1 and my Diana Mini more often on weddings.

    Greetings from Venezuela!

  2. eunicek
    eunicek ·

    Hi Robert, Thank you very much for your supporting. I use LC-A, Contax G2 and also Leica M6 the most. :D For the +ve film, I like to use xpro100 from lomography and use Kodak Ektar -ve.

  3. eunicek
    eunicek ·

    Hi Elkilla, is nice to meet a wedding photographer in here. :D Hope to see your nice wedding shot too, and don't forget to share with me. ^_^

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