Shopping Hours Are Now Over at this Mall

There is a new landlord for Singapore’s Turf City shopping mall and nobody really knows what’s going to happen to this place after February 2012. So before it gets razed to the ground, I decided to pay a visit to the former turf club, where horses once raced against each other for our entertainment.

Located off Dunearn Road in Singapore, this former Turf Club used to be the place to go to for horse punters and perhaps, for people wanting to see some horses in action. But since 1999, when the Turf Club moved out of the premises, the site has been converted into a shopping mall and a car mart.

Reviews were mixed about the site as a shopping destination. Some loved it as another bohemian getaway; others thought it was a poor use of property. Either way, Turf City as we know it will be no more after this month. In fact, there is much speculation about what’s going to happen to this former horse racing track. One popular rumor is that this plot of land will be converted into another residential property. But at this moment in time, it’s anybody’s guess.

During its heydays as a horse racing track, I am sure there were many people harboring dreams of winning the ‘big one’ when their favorite horse(s) comes in first. Yet, I can also visualize the disappointed faces of many, who could have lost their life’s savings on one bet.

Today, there are no more horses galloping around the race track. But with a little imagination, you can see horses in their prime thundering around the track and turfs of grass being kicked into the air as they speed pass the thousands of people shouting and cheering (or jeering) in the grandstand.

Vegetation has reclaimed what was once the track.

Even though the grandstand is now empty and the crowds long gone, one can still easily imagine how packed it used to be on race days. Apparently, this place could hold up to 80,000 people!

As you leave Turf City, the signs thank you for visiting and asks you to come back for another visit. However, it’s anybody’s guess what will replace this shopping mall now.

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