Cheap Date Ideas: La Mesa Ecopark

As much as I love shopping, I do get tired from being in the mall every single weekend. So to break our usual routine, save a bit of money, and check out something new, my boyfriend and I went to La Mesa Ecopark, which is located all the way in Fairview.

While I live in Quezon City, it is far too big for me to be anywhere near Fairview so my boyfriend and I made it a point to head out early so as to avoid any heavy traffic and make the most of our day. Thankfully, my boyfriend’s quite knowledgeable when it comes to going to and from places, that I can just literally sit back, relax, and enjoy the “scenery” haha…

After an hour and a half or so, we were finally at the La Mesa Ecopark, which has been heavily promoted by one of the local television stations as a wholesome city escape especially for those who want to enjoy some bit of nature. As I then had this weekly health and wellness “column” (how ironic), I thought of writing about La Mesa Ecopark for next week’s column making another weekend out a mix of work and pleasure – which my boyfriend has already grown accustomed to given my workaholic tendencies.

For a small fee, one can already enjoy the relative peacefulness of the ecopark. I say “relative” because while it is filled with people, it is also quite large so you don’t really end up bumping into one another unlike when you do at a mall. Visitors were there for various reasons, there were families enjoying some wholesome bonding activities, there were couples on a date, there were elderly people getting some bit of exercise, there were people out for a swim, there were people who wanted to take pictures with their badass DSLRs, there were engaged couples having their pre-nuptial photos taken, there were groups of students doing their school projects – I can honestly just go on…haha just kidding.

I’m not really the outdoorsy type, but I didn’t mind being in the ecopark, it was actually quite enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone who intends on going for a visit. You can go boating, swimming, enjoy some bit of trekking, take photos, people watch, relax, have a picnic – I really, really can just go on…LOL… Bottomline, if you’re ever in need of a “break” from your hectic city life and you happen to live in Quezon City or you think that the long drive/commute to Fairview is worth it, then by all means, check out La Mesa Ecopark.

written by ungrumpy on 2012-02-08 #places #location #valentines #urban-adventures #analogue-cameras #cheap-dates

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