Railway Station Nuremberg Zollhaus


Last time I had a small Tour de Nuremberg with my bicycle and a friend of mine we discovered a place where we`ve never been before. „Where is that road leading to?“ asked my friend and as we both don`t know we decided to follow that unknown road.

All of a sudden there was this bridge and as we looked downwards there was this huge abandoned trainstation. We locked our bikes and started exploring this „beautiful“ place. There are a few steps beside the bridge where you can go downstairs.Then follow the small trail to the rail tracks, pass them (watch for trains, be careful) and you`re standing almost at the train platforms where in former times the trains full of working people stopped.

On the first floor must have been a bar or even a restaurant, there has been a separate entry from the bridge.Vandalism has been in progress so you`ll find all windows smashed, graffiti, and wild growing plants everywhere. All that fast food trash and broken Vodka-bottles make it look like a „illegal-teenager-party-hang-out“.There is no possibility of entering this building, every door was unfortunately closed. Of course I`ve got to go there again, because there are lots of more shots waiting for me.

Update: Just did some Google and I found out that this station started running in 1937 to bring more people to the Nuremberg Rally and closed in 1992

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  1. larslau
    larslau ·

    I think the "short description" should also be included in the location

    Then the "all of a sudden" makes more sense (:

    Great place, Dirk!

  2. lomodirk
    lomodirk ·

    Hmm, the short description is really missing...Did I forget to upload it or has it just disappeared into nirvana? Should I send it to someone @ lomography.com? What to do with that?

    Thanks Lars :)

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