An Old Kampong

What is a kampong? It’s a place where you can find attap houses and everything is simple in a kampong. There’s only one kampong left in Singapore and I want to introduce it to you guys. It is Kampong Buangkok (Chinese: 罗弄万国村) located near Hougang. It was built in early 1965 and is now the only kampong village you can find in Singapore.

The moment you step into the area, you will feel as if you are back in the early days when cats and dogs are running around, there are dirt tracks instead of tar roads, attap houses with zinc sheets as roof tops, not many cars around, most of the people dress simply with a sarong (a cloth used to wrap around the lower part of the body) for the Malay community there, surrounded by tress and plants, and friendly people which is the nicest thing you can find.

If you guys want to visit the place for a shoot, there are lots of interesting things to shoot and residents there are friendly enough to bring you around or share with you how life is in a kampong. I remembered there’s a friendly old lady who helped me chase away a dog to allow me to continue walking further in. So don’t worry, I’m sure there will be a resident there to bring you around. I hope lomographers can visit this place before it’s gone.

written by bao_wei on 2012-02-27 #places #old #xa2 #location #friendly #kodak-e100g #kampong #select-type-of-location #escape-from-the-city

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