Love at First Lomo: La Sardina El Capitan

How I met my first lover, The La Sardina El Capitan, and how we were meant for each other.

I was at a store one day, when I glanced through a glass window and then I saw her, the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Her name was El Capitan, and she was from the La Sardina family. At that very moment, I knew I had to have her. Coincidentally, a love song was playing on the radio, and I was sure it was a sign we were meant for each other. So I took the first step and the rest was history.

My analogue journey began that very day, being the first analogue camera, or any camera in fact, I took her everywhere I went in my Lomography Sling-on bag, never shy of showing her to my friends and family. Their impression of her, a beauty that is one of a kind and never knew still existed in today’s world.

I had many moments with El Capitan, some were great and mostly a learning experience. Not all the pictures she produced turned out as I expected but there were those times where the images she captures just take my breath away.

Credits: xephryrus

The times my family and I spent light painting with her.

Credits: xephryrus

The beautiful fireworks she and I watched together during Chinese New Year.

Credits: xephryrus

We are young, wild and free together and there are still many journeys ahead we’ll be sharing together.

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written by xephryrus on 2012-02-20 #lifestyle #fireworks #love #light-painting #sneakers #la-sardina #love-at-first-lomo

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