Mark Chester: Twosomes

Photographer Mark Chester travelled with his camera for over 40 years, documenting all that he saw along the way. On his ongoing touring exhibition, he showcases some of his works during his travels.

Photo via NYC Arts

For this touring exhibition, Mark Chester will display some of the photos that he took during his years of travel. The theme of the exhibition is ‘Twosome’ – featuring separate photos that have distinct similarity between them, such as the subject matter or the focus of the photo. The ongoing touring exhibition will travel across the country and will be hosted by various art institutions and museums. The artist also released a book featuring the collection of images from the exhibition. Some photos from the exhibition can be seen below.

Photos via NYC Arts and Addison Art

OK Harris
383 West Broadway
New York, NY
Exhibition ongoing until March 3, 2012

For more information on the exhibition and the photographer, visit the Twosomes website. Information for this article was taken from NYC Arts.

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