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Super 8 Magazine is a Milan-based, vintage-flavoured poster magazine founded by Marco and Giovanni (who are Lomographers as well!). Why is based on the number 8? Find out why and take a look their delightful designs right after the break…

Photos via Marco Nicotra and Giovanni Rizzo

Tell us something about yourselves.

We are Marco Nicotra and Giovanni Rizzo, two graphic designers and photographers from Milan Italy. Some time ago, after attending the same university, we created Super8 Magazine. We both were freelance and we decided to make something together in order to escape from boring work where you have a final client to satisfy. We wanted to be out final client!The funny thing was that we didn’t have to give an answer if someone was asking: why did you do like this?why like that? The only question was: because i like it this way.

How/When did Super8 Magazine begin? Who are your inspirations (artists, designers, photographers, etc.) to create it?

Super8 Magazine was born in 2009, we were inspired by some webzine, but in the end we decided to print it! On of the main inspirator of the project was Anthony Zinonos and Eduardo Recife aka Misprinted Type. Eduardo is from Brazil, this country is full of collagists that has the real super8 style! Another refer was Chad Kouri.

Tell us more about Super 8 Magazine. What subjects and themes do you usually feature?

Super8 Magazine is a poster-magazine printed in A3 format and distributed in Milan (Italy) free of charge. It is based on the number 8. It is neither sponsored nor advertised. Borne by the passion for graphics, flavoured with the taste of vintage.The magazine shall be distributed in 8 issues. Each issue shall have two parts, one created by Marco, the other by Giovanni. The theme of every issue represents one of the 8 regular words, which, in Italian, are generated by coupling a letter from the alphabet with the word “otto”, i.e. 8 in Italian: B8 (Bang), C8 (Lovesick), D8 (Learned), F8 (I fuck), L8 (I fight), M8 (Motto), R8 (Broken), S8 (Under)

Photos via Super8 Magazine

Have you featured film photographers in your past issues? If so, please enumerate them.

Usually artists that join our project are collagists, so actually they are all photographers, but they use only a part of their photoes.

Analogue vs. Digital. How does analogue/film photography differ from digital?

Analogue photoes are deeper. Somehow they are more true. Maybe less photorealistic, of course, but they manage to seize the moment in a special way.

A lot of people are into photography today, what would you say to them to inspire them more?

We would suggest to consider the camera as a book where photographs are pages and not only a single, isolated shot. Why don’t you try to investigate a specific theme or a topic with your camera? Make several photoes on it, take the best ones and publish them into a single publication or an online gallery. They will help eachother to be stronger and more effective.

Photos via Super8 Magazine

Aside from Super8 Magazine, do you have other creative online/offline projects? If none, what other creative pursuits do you wish you could explore?

An important side project, born some year after Super is BOLO Paper, an independent publishing label based in Milan.The main project is BOLO. BOLO is a graphic magazine, designed, published and distributed by Marco Nicotra. 2 colors, 100 pages of graphics, photography, illustration and typography, all mixed together. Different techniques, combined by the main theme of the first issue: “Stars are indispensable” .

BOLO 1 includes the contributions from 45 artists , coming from every corner of the world. Among them: Anthony Zinonos, Julia Pott, {ths}, Michael C. Hsiung.

Photos via Super8 Magazine

For more information on Super8 Magazine, you may visit For more information on the artists behind this project, you may visit their websites at and bolomagazine.

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