Easy iPhone Scan for Black and White Negatives


Easily see what’s on your black-and-white negatives in just a few simple steps, no printing necessary! Your ever so invasive-ly convenient iPhone plays a part, however…

I assume this has been done before somewhere, but here’s what I do when I’m short on time and don’t want to make a contact sheet for my black-and-white darkroom negatives:

1.Take your black-and-white negatives (120mm or 35mm) and place them on a light box or hold them up to the sky or a window or against something white.

2. In your iPhone’s “General” then “Accessibility” settings, under “Triple-click Home” select “Toggle White on Black.”

3. Open the camera app on your iPhone. Triple click the home button and aim at your negs. Enjoy.

And the results:

Note: Just for honesty, these photos were inverted with Photoshop, because the inversion on the iPhone is done by the iPhone hardware and thus the images aren’t exportable inverted. The result, however, is the same while viewing on an inverted iPhone.

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    works also on OSX with Apple(cmd)+Option(alt)+Ctrl+8 :)

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