Lomo LC-A Russia Day: Make Love

This limited edition camera was built to celebrate the Russia Day, a day dedicated to fertility, birth and conception.

Read more about Day of Conception (Sept. 12).

It is a special edition of the Lomo LC-A with a red leather cloth. It has the same minitar lens as it’s granddad, the Lomo LC-A. Basically it has the same functions as the Lomo LC-A+ — multiple exposures, metering, zone focus, but the Russian minitar lens and the red leather are making this camera slightly a different camera.

Before buying this camera, you have to think if you’ll buy it to use or to display it. Basically I bought it for my camera collection, but there’s no reason not to try it.

It’s not that bigger difference between the Russian lens and it’s Chinese predecessor. Actually, there’s no difference between pictures taken with these lenses. The Russian lens is made from the sea salt which provides saturated, lomographic pictures.

The A in the LC-A stands for automatic, so you can use it without any problems with any film and on any light conditions. It uses only 35mm film same as LC-A+.

I think the red goat leather will peel off or get dirty so you might think about this if you plan to use it. Also, the red leather is making this LC-A not much of a stealth camera as the regular LC-A does. But it’s providing a nice presentation if you plan to show off with it. The thing I loved the most about this edition was the box, the handstrap, the medal and of course, the camera.

As I said before, is not much of a difference between Russia Day LC-A and regular LCA, so if you plan to get something different you don’t need this camera. But if you’re a camera lover, lomographer or collector you need it.

The Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day will show you what Russian Passion is all about. Clad in red leather and decorated with fertility symbols, this special edition camera is limited to 2,000 pieces only. It is equipped with the legendary Russian Minitar 1 32/2.8 lens and comes in an exquisite black wooden lined with precious silk. Get your own Lomo LC-A Russia Day now!

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