Night Markets in Taiwan


Night markets in Taiwan are street markets that occupy either sidewalks or entire streets hawking street food, clothing, and other consumer goods.

Credits: duringmyheyday

The night markets of Taiwan are one of the best things I love about this country. These daily market places are everywhere – some occupy only small side streets and some can house up to 15,000 stalls and shops. The one that is nearest to where I live is the Nanya Night Market where these pictures were taken. If there’s one Taiwanese cultural experience I could recommend, the vibrancy of night markets is definitely at the top of the list.

Credits: duringmyheyday
Credits: duringmyheyday

Besides the awesome street food, the average Taiwanese night market features various forms of entertainment and a lot of shopping. One thing you definitely should not miss are the traditional carnival games such as balloon shooting, net fishing, pinball machines, and claw cranes. Lots of fun for a couple of pennies, and worth every cent!

Credits: duringmyheyday
Credits: duringmyheyday
Credits: duringmyheyday

More information on Taiwan night markets here

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  1. irufan7
    irufan7 ·

    in which night market can i get that camera pouch with neck strap? i live in Taipei

  2. duringmyheyday
    duringmyheyday ·

    Hi! It's Nanya Night Market in Banqiao.

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