A Love Story Bound in a Notebook


Valentine’s Day notes are usually contained within an A4 sized card, or on a paper doily stuck on some red, heart shaped, card. If you have a message, then sing it loud and proud, across multiple pages and through use of mixed media, as this husband did to his sweetheart, Tracie.

Bryan, an employee at the Field Notes Headquarters, created a ‘love letter’ using the memo booklet with the red cover, lustfully called “Red Blooded”.

We think the video is a sweet testament to the idea that love can withstand most anything. Love is depicted in this video as Bryan’s wife of 14-years, Tracie, as well as to the creative mind, mixed media, and the power of simplicity. While the background music reminds of a baby-mobile, it’s complemented by the sound effects that include clock chimes and motor engines. It’s well executed, somewhat sappy, but also humorous. We love the “More and more and more…” bit, with photos of famous ’Moore’s’ including Michael and Roger!

What, if anything, are you thinking of creating for loved ones this Valentine’s Day? Go wild and show us what you’ve got!

This article was inspired by a Laughing Squid post.

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