The London Lomographic Thursdays 3

Show me yours and I’ll show you

Show me yours and I’ll show you

  • Multiple Exposure Saviours – Save a film and double your passion
  • Magical Mystery after-hour Tour
  • Night-time charm in the Big Smoke
  • Mind-whopping prizes to be won by the crowd’s most outstanding

Date: Thursday, June5th
Venue: The Photographers’ Gallery, 8 Great Newport Street, London WC2H 7HY
Doors open: 6.30 PM
Magical Mystery Tour: 8 PM at the Gallery
RSVP to:

This Month’s Obsession

Upside-down, inside-out, bottoms-up, possibilities of the impossible… The borderless joys of real film; from faulty perfectionism, crossly processing, prior boiling to subsequent questioning and re-invention. The third run of the London Lomography Thursday is a celebration of multiple exposure dreams; images on images on images. Through re-using exposed film, money is conserved and outrageous effects are guaranteed.

Sharing is Caring

What is passion, when you have no one to share it with? Is a picture real if no one else sees it? Is a dog still a dog if it’s crossed with a tree? Are mysteries still secrets if they are exposed? These are only a handful of questions to be pondered upon during this month’s London Lomography Thursday.
Come alone or come with a friend and feast your eyes on a crowd of hopeful Lomographers ready and willing to share a special piece of their life with you. Show off your most valued tips and tricks, your favourite cameras, your little cousin’s scruffy toy, a day at the zoo and your absolute hot spot; whatever fits! No taboos.
Bring along the ready shot film of your adventure in the real world and…

Swap till you Drop!

Chose a partner, and chose him wisely. Hand over your precious film and have him re-expose the whole lot during the evening. Swap both camera and film for the night, or swap only film and be surprised by out-of-the-frame shockers! Can’t get enough? Swap again! There are many more moments to capture during this months habitual magical mystery tour through London Town.
Top tipsters of multiple exposure dreams will bring fresh tips and tricks that will make your head spin. The never-ending possibilities of re-exposing film are yours!

The Mission

Your shooting topic list for this assignment is tailor made in order to help you express your delicious excitement. Aim to capture the following:

  2. FEAR
  4. HANDS

Upload your treasures at the london-embassy LomoHome ( – access will be given on location) by June 20th. The winning entry will be rewarded with a hand full of varied film for even more multiple exposure fun.
What wondrous and surreal examples of London eccentricities will we find upon these gloriously shared films? Be at the gallery at 6.30 PM to find out or join us for the after hours mystery tour at 8 PM.

The Drill

To take part in this London sharing experience please arrive with a Lomographic camera. Remember that multi-exposing medium format film can be very tricky and requires mad skills and a darkroom/bag. Bring your flash for night-visions.
What’s that I hear? Those kind people at The Photographers’ Gallery are offering a whopping 10% off all Lomography products on the night AGAIN! Hooray. So do grab yourself a bargain while the going is good!
You know the drill by now –
Be on time
RSVP and then turn up – don’t waste space, man!
Come happy
Leave happier.

For registration or more info please contact or
save and

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