Chinatown, London

Chinatown in London is always a bustling, colorful, and inspiring place to wander around but with Chinese New Year, comes even more color and lively atmosphere! Put a color film in your camera and go exploring!

Whenever I make a trip to London, Chinatown is always on my must-see list for all the photographic opportunities and bustling atmosphere. Walking down the main street offers a plethora of sights, sounds, and smells with little fruit markets, toy dispensers, and vibrant shop windows all vying for attention. I love the colorful newspaper stands and brightly-packaged goods for sale. Some of the restaurants hang their meat and seafood in the windows still in their whole forms which may make for a squeamish reaction but interesting photos!

Along the main street is a veritable carnival of restaurants and bakeries. Generally you will find a restaurant to suit any budget from the more high end, trendy looking outlets to tasty and good value “all you can eat buffets”. Most of these buffets allow you to see what’s on offer through the windows so take a stroll around and study the food on offer before choosing. Most buffets offer a sort of deep fried sweet potato, which is to die for along with a selection of main dishes from satay chicken to pork curry. The bakeries are mind blowing with huge cake masterpieces of intricate designs, often laden with fresh fruit for very reasonable prices.

The shops are lovely to have a window shop in but delve further and you will discover little supermarkets with extensive ranges of confectionary, drinks, and teas. I love the decorative tins the Chinese teas come in and the extensive flavors make choosing a difficult task! The cartons of drinks are also worth trying for the more adventurous taste buds with flavors of floral teas and exotic fruits. The sweets with cute packaging also make great presents! The news agent that stocks Chinese magazines is worth a visit as is the market-type shop at the end of the main street selling little souvenirs such as Chinese lanterns and lucky charms.

Chinatown is easily accessible from all central locations and really feels like a little slice of the exotic. The people are friendly, the food is marvelous and the colors are vibrant so what more could you want?

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