Vintage Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards


Sending your loved ones a bouquet of flowers or a bunch of chocolates may be enough to make them swoon, but there was a time when romantics used greeting cards as a means to express their feelings towards someone.

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Valentine’s Day is a yearly tradition wherein we take time to honor and express our feelings to our loved ones. Nowadays, we celebrate Valentine’s with our family, friends, and other people we care for. Back in the day, Valentine’s Day was associated with romance and courtly love, but that was in the Middle Ages.

Valentine’s Day can be associated with many things. All around, we see the color red, heart shapes, cupid and other symbols that make us feel like love is in the air. Flower shops are busy arranging bouquets of flowers during the Valentine’s season, too. There was a time wherein a Valentine’s Day card was enough to express feelings towards someone you adore. These cards have witty phrases that just might catch the attention of the one you’re eyeing. Below are some examples of Valentine’s Day greeting cards from way back.

Images via Oddee

Hopefully these greeting cards gave you a bit of inspiration this coming Valentine’s Day! You might even be able to come up with a witty statement of your own!

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