First LomoKino Rumble Winners Announcement


We’re proud to announce our First LomoKino Rumble winners and commend them for truly capturing the essence of their surroundings. It’s been a few weeks and, while we didn’t have enough time to travel to all these locations to check them out for ourselves, we’ve judged all entries based on presentation and how they present the locales in question!

In no particular order, here are the winners!

LomoKino From Utrecht to LGS Amsterdam

In the words of mephisto19, the movie is A short documentary of my route from Utrecht to the Lomography gallery store in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, using the Lomography LomoKino camera and different color negative films. The music is by the Dutch band DeWolff – Parloscope. Verging on 5 minutes, this movie does well to highlight the journey between the two Dutch cities!

Istanbul with LomoKino

Places featured in this movie include: Karaköy, the Galata Bridge, and Sirkeci. We love that the musical accompaniment is the swing-style, ever catchy song, “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)”. From food vendors, to ducks having a picnic of the stuff left over from people picnics, this movie by lisamariesimpson captures the atmosphere of the large city, as well as its history, with the change of its name from Constantinople to the Turkish name, Istanbul!

evening training

The love for football/soccer and FIFA is a global phenomenon. Here, Malaysian youths show us what their typical evening practice is like as well as their love for the game! The video was shot using the fully analogue, plastic camera, the Lomography LomoKino. The background music is ‘Una Sola Voz’ by Macaco Congratulations bulletofmine!

Congratulations winners, you’ve each received 10 Piggies! Good job to all participants, whose entries were all time-capsule material!

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  1. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    ;) thanks ;)

  2. fayeusokoi
    fayeusokoi ·

    congratz ~~

  3. marjanbuning
    marjanbuning ·

    congratz to the winners! But what a about your movie scene rumbe are there any winners yet?

  4. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    congrats! ;)

  5. lisamariesimpson
    lisamariesimpson ·

    thanks (:

  6. soundfoodaround
    soundfoodaround ·

    @marjanbuning I realize this question has been popping up a lot. We are working on getting them out, and an announcement will follow soon!

  7. superkulisap
    superkulisap ·

    congrats @mephisto19 and @bulletofmine :)

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