Love at First Lomo: Plastic-Fantastic!


The first time I saw what my little plastic camera was capable of, it just blew my mind! Read after the jump.

Credits: guanatos

The first time I heard about Lomography, I was at a university lecture about “normal” photography, when slides started appearing with images of bright colors, lots of punch and a complete disrespect for the traditional laws of photography. The first thing that came to my mind was, “nice photo editing software”, until the final slide came up and it was a photo of a Diana F+. The lecturer said: “meet Lomography’s Diana F+, its plastic and uses 120 film”

Something clicked in my head that day, so I got on the internet and got my very own Diana F+ (there was no Lomography Embassy Store in Mexico at the time), and as soon as the post arrived I had some brand new rolls waiting for a test ride.

I started shooting with the Diana F+, but it did take me a couple of rolls to get better acquainted with her stubborned ways.

Credits: guanatos

I was used to having full control on aperture and speed as well as focus on my reflex camera, so having to cope with the uncertainty, made me a little nervous to be honest. I found out that the less I worried and the more I’d let loose, the more I enjoyed the experience of shooting with my new camera.

Credits: guanatos

The results for some of the early rolls were ok, but nothing brilliant. As time passed, the new photos that came back from the lab just blew my mind!

Credits: guanatos

As time went by, I started experimenting, discovered new rolls of film, got accessories for the camera like the fisheye and the long exposure cable and this hunger to go out and capture my surroundings on film.

Credits: guanatos

I think that’s why I laugh every time anyone calls my Diana F+ a toy camera, yeah, It might be plastic, but it’s fantastic!


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