Love at First Lomo: Diana F+


I cheated on my wife. Yes, I have to admit it. Worst still, it was on our wedding anniversary. Read about my love affair with Diana after the jump.

Credits: adam_g2000

My wife and I had a pleasant morning walking around the Auckland Art Gallery. She’d expressed interest in one particular Gallery for which the shop was selling a guide book. So, thinking of her, I disappeared into the shop to purchase the book for her as a present. But there, in the corner of the store, I saw Diana.

She was with a group of her friends, standing out, dressed in black and teal blue, her one beautiful eye met mine and I was smitten. In fear of what might have stirred between us, I turned and ran.

Later at home, I couldn’t help but search for her on the Internet, and I quickly found a website all about her! I stared longingly, feeling dirty, the pictures of her and what she could do…What was I going to do?

Longing became lust, and I gave into my passions, I contacted her through her website and she agreed to meet me.

She arrived at my house and we touched…It was love.

Diana became a difficult mistress, occasionally a giving, loving woman…

Credits: adam_g2000

…but sometimes, her temper-flares were not uncommon!

Credits: adam_g2000

Our love became stronger. What was I going to tell my wife?

Then, the unimaginable happened: she fell in love with her too! I would have to share so I won’t be thrown out of their lives. Over the past few months past, a menage e trois blossomed. Diana comes with us pretty much everywhere we go. Here are some of my favorite Diana F+ pictures, from a romantic walk in the park the three of us recently took.

Credits: adam_g2000

Lucky she’s just a plastic toy camera!

Photo via Lomography Shop

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