A Video About Light Painting on Smarter Every Day


Here’s a cool video where Destin (and his daughter) of Youtube’s Smarter Every Day, explain how light painting works and also teaches us a thing or two about image sensors.

Some of Wes Whaley’s awesome light painting. Photo via Wes Whaley's Flickr

Youtube user destinws2 has this informative series called Smarter Every Day where he shares a lot of nifty knowledge for everyone. And one of his recent features is about Light painting. He invites one of the best light painters, Wes Whaley to make a pregnancy photo for his wife. More importantly, he explains how an image sensor works and how light gets captured (with the help of his daughter.) Here is the video:

Now before you jump ahead and say what do you mean image sensor? I thought we’re all about analogue here? You may go ignore the sensor part, but it helps to learn a thing or two as image sensors mimic what the 35 mm film does. This might help us understand how light painting is done, and let’s face it, the light frenzy part is just so awesome! Especially for all of you who are into long exposures. You might be able to pick up some handy dandy tricks from the video.

For more cool videos, you may check Destin's channel. Source information from Petapixel.

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