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New York artist Bobby Neel Adams allows you to warp through time with his project called ‘Age Maps’. Let’s find out more about this series and check some images right after the break.

Meet Jonathan at ages 8 and 33. Photo via

Bobby Neel Adams is a New York-based artist. Most of his photographic work presents the transformation and aging of the human body. He does this using a technique he calls photo-surgery – a photomontage/collage technique in which he takes an old photo of the subject and takes a current photo with the same pose, scales and prints it in the same proportion, and then tears the photo then joins the two halves together. And he does this without any Photoshop sorcery. Here are some of the images from the series:

Photos via

The idea, according to him, is to “telescope the slow process of aging into a single picture.” Adams also explains that “The point at which the images are physically torn together becomes the boundary line (or bridge) between decades of passing time.” He also has other similar projects called FamilyTree and Couples, both of which incorporate the same photo-surgery techniques.

For more information on the artist and his work, you may visit his website at Information from this article was derived from hufftingtonpost.

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