Late Anniversary Date in Ilocos

Having a full-time job makes it harder to schedule a getaway but I don’t mind, it’s actually more about how you spend what (little) time you have, together that matters.

These photos were taken a few years back and yet I’ve only gotten to have it developed – and yes, properly scanned, just a couple of weeks ago. >_< Lazy, lazy, lazy…

Anyway, my boyfriend and I were celebrating our fifth anniversary that time and he actually volunteered to plan and pay for (almost) everything. haha… Since he was still attending law school at that time, you can pretty much guess that we were on a (very) limited budget.

I got quite excited when we were headed to the airport because we had a flight to Laoag to catch. It was a quick trip but it was actually kind of funny too. The person sitting in front of him kept – excuse me for TMI – passing gas, and in a sordid kind of way, his “misfortune” was quite funny…okay, so that wasn’t nice. After an hour and a half or so, we were finally at the Laoag airport, which was actually quite decent.

The weather was hot – as one can expect from Ilocos province but we were just looking forward to a happy weekend together plus he booked us a room at Fort Ilocandia, which is considered as kind of fancy schmancy already. :)

The hotel/resort was absolutely beautiful, sure it’s old but it’s nicely maintained and has an awesome breakfast buffet and in-house restaurant. Although it’s still a good thing that we were only there for the weekend because I don’t know what could have happened to us if we kept gorging on that scrumptious crispy pata (deed fried pork knuckles) and bacon. Yes, we love our share of meat.

While there are a lot of stuff to do at the resort, we also wanted to make the most of our Ilocos sojourn by checking out the nearby cities and tourist spots in Laoag. So what could be better than Vigan? Best known for Calle Crisologo, a cultural site lined up with restored colonial houses now being used either as restaurants, gift shops, or antique shops. I managed to limit my purchases to just one handcrafted wooden jewelry box that I got for a bargain at $3, a couple of Ilocos empanada, and frozen bagnet.

But more on that on my next article.:D

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