The Art of Sarah Larnach + Ladyhawke


Phillipa Brown, better known as Ladyhawke, is this really good singer-songwriter from New Zealand. Her best friend Sarah Larnach is another good visual artist who has been doing all the artwork for her albums. Find out more about the awesome twosome below.

Ladyhawke has previously released one album and six singles from that album, and Sarah Larnach has done the artwork for all of them which resulted in a really consistent and unmistakable stunning visual style that makes Ladyhawke’s releases and promotional materials so recognisable. Sarah’s art really is beautiful and together with Ladyhawke’s awesome music it makes for the perfect combination. Here are some of the covers:

The album cover for the self-titled album, Ladyhawke:

What I love about the vinyl version of this album is that it comes with a 16-page, 12" sized booklet, with lyrics, info and full of lavish artwork, it’s just like the booklets you would get in a CD, but a lot bigger:

Some covers for her singles:

And here are some of them on lovely vinyl and picture disc:

Ladyhawke’s music video for the song My Delirium also incorporates some of Sarah Larnach’s illustrations:

And Beck’s Beer had these beautiful Ladyhawke limited edition labels back in 2009:

Sarah Larnach of course created the artwork for the new album as well. What I love about them so far is that they’re different from the previous releases while staying true to her style.

Check out the amazing artwork for the new release!

And the artwork for the new single which shows Ladyhawke holding an old Agfa Click!

On Sarah Larnach’s blog she talks about the process of making this cover and states that the cover is related to the music video for Black White & Blue so check out Sarah Larnach's blog to learn more about her art.

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