Cheeto Neato!

If you want a lifetime supply of Cheetos we have stumbled across one way that’s guaranteed to succeed, though be forewarned, it sure is a laborious process! First have to buy a lifetime supply of Cheetos anyways and then create an intricate piece of art! Just check out the meticulous Cheeto artwork after the jump!

Just envision a painter’s palette full of yellows, oranges, and reds. Now get this, they aren’t oil based, or acrylic, or even watercolor… they’re cheese-flavored cornmeal based. That’s correct, we’re alluding to Cheetos!

Who better than to do a portrait of than the red headed comedian, Conan O’Brien! More than 50 bags of Cheetos, that’s around 2,000 individual cheesy snacks, comprising different flavors and colors, were used to make the large, eerily representative, portrait! And here’s one of the King…

Eclectic Asylum Art is the group responsible for the above! Aside from the crumbly, finger-licking, treat, a little glue and varnish was used to keep the creation from blowing away!

This piece was inspired by this Juxtapoz Magazine article.

written by soundfoodaround on 2012-02-06 #videos #art #lifestyle #portrait #celebrity #cheeto #creation

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