LomoKino Shutter Repair and Maintenance


The LomoKino uses a leaf shutter which will occasionally require maintenance. Surfaces can stick causing the shutter to jam. This problem is easily resolved with a little bit of lubrication.

You will need:

  • Small Phillips screwdriver
  • Tweezers or small needle-nose pliers
  • Silicone spray lubricant
  • Cotton swabs

Torsion spring compression pliers

A room to work in that is easy to find small parts that you drop.

Step 1: Remove the cover from the front of the camera. There are six small screws along the sides.

Step 2: Remove the three screws holding the lens in place.

Be careful not to operate the mechanism after the lens is removed otherwise the torsion spring will go flying across the room!

Step 3: Move the iris out of the way. It is held in place with one screw but there is a plastic weld point at the bottom of it that prevents removing it. Just push it out of the way.

Step 4: If the spring hasn’t already came out on its own just cup your hand over it and scrape up on it using the shutter mask as an additional shield. Then remove the mask as well.

Step 5: Remove the shutter blade.

Step 6: Apply some spray lubricant to a cotton squab and use the swab to apply the lubricant to the shutter area. Be careful not to get lubricant on the condenser lens.

Step 7: Lubricate the shutter blade before you put it in and put it back in place. Notice the small block… the shutter blade needs to be below that.

Step 8: Reinsert the spring. The hook end goes into the hole in the shutter blade and the blade will need to be as far to the left as it can go. If you don’t have a torsion spring compression tool just leave the other end of the spring where it is. Otherwise place it back around the lower post.

Step 9: Reinsert the mask. It also helps to keep the hook end of the spring in place. There are no screws inserted yet.

Step 10: Slide the iris back in place and reinsert its single screw. While reinserting any of the screws do not over-tighten, you don’t want to strip out the threads!

Step 11: Before reinserting the lens, check to make sure it doesn’t need cleaning. Then put it in place and reinsert the three screws.

Step 12: Now, for those of us who don’t have the tool to set the spring around the post earlier, take some tweezers or needle-nose pliers and move the spur of the spring back around the lower post.

Step 13: Test the shutter for proper operation by pulling the lever that strikes the shutter blade down and releasing it.

Step 14: Reinsert the mechanism into the front cover and replace those six screws.

Step 15: If you want to verify that the shutter is operating while the camera is assembled look at a reflection in the lens from a hard light source such as a bare light-bulb. Then operate the camera and you should briefly see the reflection shift down into the condenser lens while the shutter is open.

I hope this helps you keep your camera taking pictures!

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  1. bernizt
    bernizt ·

    Really informative! Thank you

  2. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Nice one, I've taken mine apart and been messing with some mods!

  3. icarus3712
    icarus3712 ·

    For the last test to test of it is working in perfect order.
    I would insert a little white paper inside behind the lens,
    where you're film is going. This way it much easier to see if the shutter works.

  4. raulrivas
    raulrivas ·

    Hi, excellent tutorial. but I have the problem that my lomokino nodispara. is deve to the stick of the body does not make proper contact with the stick on the front. Separate work, but nothing else close my negatives are blank. I hope you know how to fix it. regards

  5. dsrtfnx
    dsrtfnx ·

    I wish I had seen this before I sent in my Lomokino! My shutter was not working.

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