Introducing the Spinner 360° Motorizer


Say hello to the ultimate Accessory for your Spinner 360° Camera! With the brand new Spinner 360° Motorizer, you can now shoot awesome 360° panoramas via remote control. The Motorizer puts you in complete control of you Spinner shots; choose your spin mode, decide whether you want to be in the shot and take wonderful panoramas indoors!

Spin The Way You Want

The Spinner 360° Motorizer allows you to create stunning remote-controlled photos with the Spinner 360° camera (sold separately). Just attach your camera to the base and press the remote control° – You’ll get great panoramas indoors and out! The Motorizer works anywhere from 5-8m in an unobstructed space – Choose between two spin modes and take amazing panoramic photos without even holding your camera!

A Creative Motor For Creative Minds…

With the Motorizer, you can easily experiment with all kinds of creative techniques. Try out time scan photos and endless panorama photos for totally unique spin shots. Or control more than one Motorizer at the same time with a single remote control. Get creative with the Spinner Motorizer and your Spinner 360° camera today!

° Please Note: Spinner 360° camera is sold separately. The Motorizer base requires at least 4 AA batteries to work and the remote control requires 1 AA battery – It’s suggested that you install 8 batteries in the Motorizer base to achieve the best stability and operation time – Batteries sold separately

The Spinner 360° goes beyond the confines of standard panoramic cameras. See everything around you (literally!), and be swept away by truly spectacular results. Head to our Online Shop and get your own Spinner 360°!

written by tomas_bates on 2012-02-15 #news #lomography #new-product #spinner-360 #motorizer


  1. dilma
    dilma ·

    Congratulations! I sãs especte for a permanent flash or light to adapt on the top of the spinner. Anu way, for wath is the flash adaptes in the top of the câmera?
    The motor turre is just one thinking missing a magnético base.
    Anu way congratulation fó the adaptar and ledo going with new idea.
    Lomokissis to allll lomografics!!!!!!!!

  2. superkulisap
    superkulisap ·

    It's an awesome accessory but it's too pricey. It costs more than the spinner 360 itself. :(

  3. domemerson
    domemerson ·

    I want!!!!

  4. saidseni
    saidseni · is soooo expensive... Well, some day it will be mine. Some day... ;)

  5. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    @dilma: Me too!! Exactly, what is that for? My friend glued a torch but it didn't work that cool... Is it more than the Spinner itself?! Really? But I waaant...

  6. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    "Continuous spin"...!! OMG! Ok, I have to stop, I have to work...! LSI, you ruin me! In a delightful way, you ruin me! ;))

  7. pan_dre
    pan_dre ·

    @superkulisap You know it's a one in a kind accessory for an already very special camera. Brings out so mayn new possibilties when you hook it up to a tripod or sit it on your car's hood for example. Production quanities are really small for this special item thus the price.

  8. superkulisap
    superkulisap ·

    I'm a little worried since LSI items from local stores here in the Philippines are around 20-30% more expensive than the online price. Hopefully, (when the production quantity is at par with other items) the market value of this awesome item also go down :)

  9. sammi80
    sammi80 ·

    Hello savings account prepare to be destroyed. Bought!!!!

  10. gilbycoyote
    gilbycoyote ·

    Can this actually be attached to a Tripod? I can't seem to find any info on that. Pictures don't reveal anything either

  11. gilbycoyote
    gilbycoyote ·

    OK, it does. I found it in the exploded view.

    Will there be a Leather edition to go with the Leather edition Spinner? *-*

  12. smu
    smu ·

    YES! That is exactly what I always needed for the spinner! I was close to build one myself!

  13. jurquidi
    jurquidi ·

    Great idea...except for the price. : \

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