Secondhand Love Affair: The Photos I Fell in Love With


After reading about an article on Lomography Magazine, I thought I should write about my finds in the old flea market too. Pictures found, which I fell in love with.

Bombay’s flea market or the thieves’ market as its called here, is like a enchanted forest. Walking there, you can find anything from old negatives, slides, glass plates to old cameras. And a long time ago, I found these prints.

I bought 4 photographs from the market, all beautiful beyond description. The first one is of a boy walking on logs of wood, waiting to be made into paper.

The next photograph is of a couple of women standing near a building lined with corn. I had never seen anything like that before, its just so amazing!

I really loved the caption on this one “This Ioannina shoemaker wears ordinary clothes, makes extraordinary slippers.” But I’ve never seen a more dressed up showmaker, he’s wearing a suit! So fancy!

And the last photograph is of a man stopped by gates as the train crosses a bridge. The simplicity of the photograph is just stunning, its not at all vague, to the point and simple. But still artistic in its approach, with so much drama.

Thrift stores are treasure troves for vintage-lovers. Do you have something from a thrift store that remains close to your heart? Share your ‘Secondhand Love Affair’ stories with us by submitting an article and check out our requested posts for this month for more Piggies!

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  1. pomps
    pomps ·

    really beautiful photos!

  2. priyansha
    priyansha ·

    Which market did you find these in?

  3. priyansha
    priyansha ·

    wow. I need to dig chor bazaar deeper. Hidden treasures to be found.

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