Kenyalang Park Night Market: A Lively and Colourful Chinese New Year


The Kenyalang Park Night Market is only open during the weeks before Chinese New Year. It is a busy hub of colorful activity – full of people and full of life!

Kenyalang Park is one of the more mature housing areas in Kuching City. Majority of the people living there are Chinese, and for me, the place has the feel of a little Chinatown. The hub of activity in this housing area has always been Kenyalang Park Commercial Complex and the rows of shop houses that surround it. In the morning, there is a busy and bustling wet market and at night, it is alive with coffee shops and hawker stalls offering all kinds of mouthwatering food. It is a lively place both day and night but in the weeks before Chinese New Year, the place is livelier than any other time of the year.

Credits: k_melancholy

During this time, the area around the commercial center and the shop houses are alive with stalls selling Chinese New Year decorations, cookies, cakes, lanterns, and just about everything related to Chinese New Year and then some. The place is filled with so much lively atmosphere; New Year music playing from speakers, the bright reds of the New Year decorations, and colorful people buying and selling all kinds of goods.

Credits: k_melancholy

The lively atmosphere is not the only thing I like about this place; it is the sense of harmony I get from it. You can see all kinds of people here, from a lot of the races that makes Sarawak and Malaysia so wonderful; Chinese, Malay, Iban, Bidayuh, Indians, and many more that I can’t possibly mention here. All of them in the same place buying and selling, wishing each other merry tidings and wishing each other Happy Chinese New Year. I enjoy hearing people there laugh and greet friends they’ve met there. It is a very colorful and lively place. As a person that usually goes on Lomo walks alone, I like to soak up the atmosphere and a place like this seems to have a lot of it!

Credits: k_melancholy

I usually like to think of taking pictures as an experience rather than something you do; taking pictures here was an enjoyable experience. My pictures may not do the place much justice but please do come here to take pictures or at least soak up the atmosphere. I have a feeling you might like it too, see you there next year!

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  1. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    great article - i like the pictures, they compliment the article very well. :)

  2. k_melancholy
    k_melancholy ·

    Thanks @jeffr ^_^

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