Lomography Gallery Store Seoul: An Analogue Paradise

The store is a paradise full of analogue hopes and wonders where lomo enthusiasts may wish to be to quell any fear as rumors speculated the apocalypse at the end of 2012.

Credits: lakandula

After a few hours of rest upon our arrival in Seoul, fangcarpenter and I braved to travel via subway all by ourselves to meet our contact person Ms. Imsu Ha, from the Seoul Tourism Organization at entrance 9 at Hongik University. I guessed she never had a hard time identifying us from the crowd who were also waiting for someone given the fact that lomo cameras were hanging from our necks. She became the navigator to get us to the Lomography Gallery Store thanks to the map and the smartphone.

Despite the cold temperature, the interesting sight of rows after rows of interesting shops made up for a leisurely touristic walk. When we finally saw the store, we were both awed by the amount of lomo stuff for sale. Inaugurated in March 2008, it is an analogue paradise where any lomographer could dream working or at least be sipping coffee while reading the latest lomo city guide. Lomowalls adorned the space with colors and textures. Lomo products were neatly arranged side by side in their awesome packages and on top of each other that a visitor may find it hard to resist his buying impulse. It’s physical appearance was so inviting complemented by the warm welcome given to us by the staff.

Credits: lakandula

A coffee bar that serves freshly brewed coffee can be found in one corner. A lounging area consisting of a couch and a few chairs was perfect for sipping hot cafe Americano while marveling at various lomo finds inside the store. On one end is a table and a few chairs perfect for setting laptops to check the lomography site and Facebook since the store offers free WiFi.

So whenever you come to Seoul, do visit this store and feed your analogue passion. And cast your worries away as the world and lomography will be around beyond 2012.

Credits: lakandula

Location: 1F 362-14, Seokyo-dong, Mapo-gu 121-838, South-Korea
How to get there: Take the subway to Hongdae and walk towards Hongik University. Facing its entrance, turn right and immediately make another right at the very first street.Then turn left at the first street you will come across. The store is just along that narrow street to your left.

written by lakandula on 2012-02-20 #places #location #urban-adventures #select-type-of-location #cityguide-seoul-lomostore

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