My Analogue Bucket List For 2012: So Many Things, So Little Time


I’m sharing with you my 2012 bucket list. There are so many things that I wish to achieve and I hope this will be the year I can cross most of these off!

I got into Lomography half way through 2011, so as soon as I saw the bucket list articles, I felt this would be the year it would matter the most to make one!

1: Make a Photobook

This year, I plan to collect all of my best shots and make a photobook online of my year. Ever since my Dad made one for his friend’s wedding album I have always wanted to make a book. So, what better of an excuse to collect my favourite pictures and make a photobook!

Credits: elvismartinezsmith & saidseni

2: Spin, Spin, Spin!

Ever since i first laid eyes on it i have always wanted to buy a Lomography Spinner 360, and this year I will be saving my piggies and writing more articles so i will be able to get one!

Thanks to elvismartinezsmith and saidseni for the pics!

Credits: mikeydavies

3: Become Lomohome of the Day

I would love to make Lomohome of the Day because… well… who wouldn’t!

Credits: mikeydavies

4: Develop black and white films at home

I would love to take some black and white pictures with my girlfriend and develop the rolls together. I used to develop rolls of black and white in my bathroom with my dad when I was around 7 years old, and it was great fun. I would love to pass on my knowledge to my girlfriend and develop film with her as I think this would be great fun! Maybe try out the Lomography Earl Grey film while we’re at it too!

Credits: scrabbyknees

5. Cross Process my first roll!

Ever since I got into Lomography, I have only experimented with C41 films. Even my black and white pictures were shot with Ilford XP2, and I feel that cross processing would be the next steps to improve my pictures!
(Thanks to scrabbyknees for the cute pic!)

6. Go on more adventures*

Credits: mikeydavies

Some of my best snaps were taken on some great days out so i feel this will be an excuse to explore more places and take alot more pictures! I also feel this year i am going to visit places i have never been or even heard of before! Dont think, Just Shoot!

Credits: mikeydavies

7. Spend more time with family and friends

I think this one is the most important as you can never spend enough time with the ones you love. This is why I have left this one until last. As a teenage boy, I spent a lot of my time cooped up in my bedroom, but this year, I will spend more time going out and having fun with my family! I will also take A LOT of pictures while I’m at it!

Let’s make 2012 a year full of creativity and analogue love! If you liked this article, go ahead and check the rest of analogue bucket lists for 2012 submitted by the community! Of course, you can also submit your own inspiring analogue bucket list for 2012 and get more piggies!

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  1. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Cool! Thanks for using my picture!

  2. mikeydavies
    mikeydavies ·

    no worries thanks for such a cool picture! :)X

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